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Invented for life


Britain was Bosch's first choice for an overseas division, and they opened British doors for business in 1898. Since then Bosch have grown and developed, building up a wealth of experience and expertise that is second to none. Today, from the headquarters in Denham, Middlesex, over 2 million parts a year are supplied to garages and workshops across the country.


The team works


Bosch have a dedicated team whose sole aim is to ensure customers have the best technical and commercial expertise available. They provide total support - constantly updating a range of specially prepared information, giving training in the latest developments and providing a range of technical services.


More than a match


As vehicles and their technology have developed, so have the number of parts required to fit them. For example, only 30 years ago one spark plug would be able to fit most engines. Today, Bosch have over 1,400 types of spark plug, which have been specifically designed to fit all the different engines running in the UK. To make certain the right part is prescribed for the right job, Bosch have a massive resource of people and IT support dedicated to making a complex job, simple.


What you want, when you want it


When it comes to making sure Bosch parts are in the right place at the right time, they do it by the numbers. The Bosch central warehouse covers 16,000 square metres and holds 30,000 different parts for every type of vehicle. More than 10,000 individual lines are picked each and every day. And if by some remote chance the part you want is not in stock, Bosch can fly the it from our central European warehouse directly to the garage or workshop that is working on your vehicle.


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