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Manufacturer and Supplier of the most complete and

wide range of Brake cables, Clutch cables, Accelerator and

Speedometer cables for all Aftermarket passenger cars and Light Commercial vehicles.



In 1964 Bruno Barbieri founded Cofle (Costruzioni Flessibili), thus realizing his dream to create a Company for the production of Remote Control Cables for the Automotive Industry. In the beginning, Cofle's production was dedicated to the manufacture of OEM (Original Equipment) cables for the most important Italian Automotive Companies. Afterwards, and thanks to the diligence and creativity of a new staff too, Cofle thrived and expanded so much that, in 1978, it was necessary to move into a new manufacturing facility. As a consequence, the Automotive Control Cables range as well as the range of Complete Control Systems for Agricultural and Earth Moving Machines were greatly extended. Within the same period, a new range of products for the Automotive Aftermarket was developed and marketed on worldwide basis. In 1985 Cofle became a Limited Company with Bruno Barbieri as the Chairman, supported in this role by his son Walter. In 1996, Cofle's Aftermarket Division grew again and was moved to the new Premises of Pozzo D'Adda. The Aftermarket Catalogue consists of more than 4000 items, all created and developed on the basis of OEM know-how and in conformity with OEM technical specifications. Moreover, Cofle keeps at Customer's disposal a wide and accurate documentation, both commercial and technical, which is constantly updated, to offer them the best assistance before and after sale.





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