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DENSO is one of the world's largest supplier of parts to the automotive industry. In addition DENSO is also a key supplier of automotive aftermarket parts, production robots, scanning equipment and portable air-conditioning units.


The company, founded in 1949, has firm Japanese roots, which, combined with local knowledge have helped to make the European operations what it is today - a 3.9 billion Euro turnover operation, employing more than 15,800 associates, in 14 European countries.


DENSO’s global turnover places it amongst some of the largest companies in the world. Despite this, the company's vision is not to be the biggest, but to create a better world through high quality innovation which helps both customers and the planet. Great technology sells itself, that’s why DENSO invests 8% of net sales in R&D and that’s why you’ve probably never seen an advert for DENSO on the television or in the press!


Denso products available from Component Distributors in NI only.




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