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The world's most trusted name in belts,

hose and hydraulics.


GatesFrom their historical beginning in 1911 by Charles C. Gates, the Gates Corporation has been recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of automotive power transmission products.


Gates employs approximately 38,000 individuals worldwide of which 6,400 are dedicated to Power Transmission, Gates is a

geographically diverse corporation with locations throughout the world.


Gates' global automotive original equipment power transmission division serves over 34 OEM customers in all regions of the world, providing a vast portfolio of products ranging from Crankshaft Damper, Micro-V Belts, Tensioners and Idlers for both Accessory and Synchronous drive systems.


With manufacturing, system engineering, product design, and testing located in 15 locations in 20 countries on 4 continents , Gates have the complete capabilities to meet their customer requirements and needs, whenever and however needed.


The Complete Drive System, Fuel & Cooling Solution


Gates Synchronous Belt Drive systems from Component DistributorsSynchronous Belt Drive Systems

  • PowerGrip® Timing Belts
  • Kits
  • Kits with Water Pumps


Auxiliay Belt Drive Systems from Component DistributorsAuxiliary Belt Drive Systems

  • Micro-V® XF Belts & Kits & Sretch Fit™ Belts
  • Bandless Moulded Cog V-Belts
  • DriveAlign® Overunning Alternator Pulleys
  • DriveAlign® Torsional Vibrational Dampers
  • DriveAlign® Tensioners & Idlers
  • EuroGrip® Flexible Couplings and Kits


Gates cooling from Component DistributorsCooling Systems

  • Thermostats
  • Radiator and expansion tank caps
  • Curved and flexible hose
  • Straight hose
  • Heater hose connectors


Gates Fuel Systems from Component DistributorsFuel Systems

  • Fuel caps
  • Fuel line hose
  • Flexible fuel fill hose
  • Small ID connectors


Gates Air and Defroster systems from Component DistributorsAir and Defroster Systems

  • Flexible air duct hose
  • Defroster hose
  • Flexible air vent hose (including heavy-duty)


Gates Catalogues from Component DistributorsTools & Cataloguing

  • Belt tension testers and gauges
  • DriveAlign® laser alignment tools
  • Belt length finders
  • Universal and engine-specific tool kits
  • Hose diameter finder
  • Hose cutters
  • Comprehensive catalogue range


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