eWarehouse from Component Distributors


"We know how"


Our foundation is:


To provide full customer satisfaction;


Our job is:


To supply extraordinary product and service quality in order to raise our organisation's value .


Our goals are:


  • Conform national / international legal obligations about product and enviroment and to perform quality standarts’ requirements
  • Provide ongoing improvements for quality, costs and technology in all processes from our suppliers to our customers
  • Streamline and improve efficiency in processes
  • Understand our customers correcty and meet their expectations in a high level
  • Provide continual product support and service reliability
  • Use resources in a productıve and effective way
  • Make studies for raising supplier’s quality
  • Motivate personnel in order to integrate them company’s objectives
  • Protect customers,personnel and enviroment from possible risks



Inci Aku batteries available from Component Distributors in NI only.


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