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About Jepson & Co


Jepsons Scion IntegraJepson & Co Ltd are one of the largest number plate manufacturers and suppliers of number plates and number plate printing systems in the UK, Ireland and France.


Their experience and innovative ideas make number plate printing simple and easy and thanks to their unique "Merlin" system they are at the forefront of bringing thermal and laser printing to customers. The unswerving adherance to assuring a combination of the best customer service, quality and flexibility is offered to customers has enabled Jepson's to remain the oldest major number plate manufacturing company in the UK.


Jepson & Co Ltd was established in 1894 and remains a family owned business to this day. The Head Office in Sheffield, along with a number of Regional Account Managers, Service Engineers and Key Distributors throughout the UK, Ireland and France ensures significant national & international coverage. This means that all customers receive the highest level of service, response and after sales in the industry.


Jepson's Merlin printer systems are designed in various packages so the customer can have in effect a bespoke system installed to perfectly suit their needs.


All systems are simple to operate and are backed up by Jepson's own extensive in-house maintenance and support team.





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