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For 43 years the name LuK has been practically synonymous with innovation, unsurpassed customer orientation and the outstanding quality of its range of products for the automotive drive train. These characteristics have made LuK an internationally sought-after partner to the automotive trade. Around the world more than 9,700 employees are always ready to give just a bit more in the service of customers – the success of our customers is also our success!


The headquarters of the international LuK Group are situated in Bühl on the edge of the Black Forest. Every fourth car that comes off a production line anywhere in the world is fitted with a LuK clutch. We produce at 17 sites in Germany, France, Brazil, the UK, India, China, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Hungary and the USA.


Research and development are highly valued at LuK. Around one sixth of our employees are involved in R&D and it is their ideas that will shape the world of the automobile of tomorrow. We have development centres of excellence, the so called "Tech Centers", for instance in USA and in Germany.


More than 9,400 employees produce nearly 17 million clutches annually for cars and tractors, more than 3 million lock-up clutches and nearly 7 million dual mass flywheels which are delivered directly to the international automotive manufacturers and the aftermarket. It is perhaps not surprising therefore that our total turnover in 2007 was 1.9 billion Euros.


The Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket operates from Langen near Frankfurt. Founded as an aftermarket sales organisation, the company now employs more than 300 staff in Langen and has branches and offices abroad offering a customer-orientated service and sales network around the globe.





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