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OE Quality

The entire QH range has been rigorously quality tested and specified to match OE standards, making sure the products we supply can be relied upon throughout the distribution chain. Regardless of whether our product reaches the garage via a factoring operation, a buying group or by a trade retail counter, we are working hard to ensure the QH brand provides the trade with total peace-of-mind when it comes to quality.



Quite simply: to ensure complete product quality and compatibility, QH Transmission components are manufactured in the same factories and to the same standards as OE equipment. The range is continuously developed by on-going analysis of worldwide trends in vehicle production and registration, ensuring that our production schedules and stocks are geared to current market demands.



Every mechanic knows that Bearings, Belts and Tensioners of varying quality are fitted to OEM vehicles because they have to replace them when they go wrong.
QH is committed to sourcing Engine components of OE quality or beyond, in order to ensure a QH part will not let the customer down.



QH has developed a new range of replacement cooling components that meet the demands of modern engines with high-quality design, materials and manufacture in order to provide long-lasting reliable performance. Our products are OE standard and provide drop-in replacements for most common domestic vehicles and light commercials.


Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension components generally have a hard life, a split protective cover or failed seal can quickly result in a moving joint becoming loose, seizing or failing. QH Steering and Suspension products have been supplied as both OE fitment and replacement items for generations of cars and vans and so represent an ideal replacement item.



QH now offers a comprehensive 'Premium' quality range of braking products, including calipers, discs, pads, drums, shoes and hoses to suit most standard domestic and light commercial vehicle applications.
Materials and manufacturing techniques are of the highest quality, providing confidence that these products will perform well under normal usage conditions for an extended period of time.

Total Quality is assured via ISO14001.1996 and ISO9001.2000 certification on all brake discs. QH has also implemented the regulation 90 specifications on the QH brake pads range.



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