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Best Choice for Spare Parts


More than 55 years of experience in the automobile industry:


SWAG is one of the leading global wholesale partners for automotive wear parts on the free spare parts market and has been a synonym for high quality with extremely short delivery times since 1954.


SWAG are a strategic partner of leading manufacturers of the automobile supplier industry and a distributor of high-quality spare parts for motor vehicles.


SWAG stands for:

  • market-oriented packaging units
  • more than 14,500 wear parts for all German, European and Asian vehicle types
  • innovative product management
  • continuous market-oriented product range extension


High storage availability - short delivery times

Our high storage availability and short delivery times ensure an optimum planning safety for our customers and partners. This is guaranteed by SWAG with its good name! Take us at our word!


SWAG - now and in future

SWAG are in a process of continous development, including the scheduled expansion of the existing product lines up to the full-range provider as well as the short-term implementation of new program lines.


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