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Products and services


Valeo Service offers 176 product ranges covering 12 product functions for light, commercial and industrial vehicles and trucks: wiper systems (under the brand names Valeo, Marchal, PJ, and SWF), transmissions, lighting systems, climate control, engine cooling, electrical systems, electrical accessories, security systems, switches, braking and engine management. Its range of spare products and related services include the following innovations:

  • Climtest+ and ClimFill: tools and software dedicated to the diagnostics and maintenance of climate control systems;
  • beep&park/visionTM (new version of beep&park™) which combines rear camera and radar features in order to simplify parking with obstacle detection, warning and display systems;
  • guideo™, a driving assistance product with four features: lane departure and line crossing alerts, video recording in case of impact, and the detection of movement of the vehicle ahead at traffic lights;
  • speed/visio™, which projects the vehicle speed on the windshield and emits an audible alert when the speed limit set by the driver is exceeded. This system allows the driver to control the vehicle speed without having to look away from the road ahead;
  • parkorigin™, the first rear brake kit for light utility vehicles;
  • Full AFS headlamps, a complete, adaptive front lighting system that adjusts the beam according to driving conditions: in rain and on urban roads or highways;
  • the StARS reversible starter-alternator system for the aftermarket, offering substantial reductions in fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.



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