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Valeo Service (UK) Limited supplies original equipment and OE quality product into the Independent aftermarket. It is part of the Valeo group which is a world leader in the supply of automotive parts into the original equipment market.


The group supplies all major car manufacturers and has resources including 121 plants, 61 R&D centres and10 distribution centres in 27 countries worldwide.

Valeo Service has a wide portfolio of OE quality product with excellent car parc coverage.


Products supplied by Component Distributors include:


  • Clutch Kits & DMF
  • Ignition
  • Engine Cooling
  • Switches
  • Wiper Blades


Valeo Service (UK) Limited supplies original equipment and OE quality product with excellent car parc coverage into the Independent aftermarket.




  • 2 & 3 Piece Clutch kits, 3 Piece kits including CSC
  • Kit 4P, Dual Mass Flywheels, Flexible Flywheels
  • Hydraulic Bearings (CSC), Clutch Master Cylinder, Clutch Release Cylinder

Valeo Clutches from Component DistributorsKEY POINTS

  • OE quality for peace of mind
  • Strong Kit 4P range
  • Excellent UK car parc coverage at 95%
  • Extensive DMF range
  • High product availability
  • Clutch Expert garage scheme




Valeo Ignition from Component Distributors

Valeo covers all of the technologies available at OE including:

  • Pencil Coils
  • Compact Coils (2 and 4 output)
  • Plug-top coils
  • Ignition coils


  • Valeo is a leader in Europe at OE
  • Over 30 years experience in ignition
  • 100% Valeorigin



Wiper Blades


Valeo Wiper Blades from Component DistributorsSilencio Wiper Blades

  • 176 P/N: 15 universals, 15 specific singles, 17 specific sets, 8 specific spoilers, 15 specific rears, 5 refills, 75 Flat Blade sets, 10 rear Flat Blades, 16 Aftermarket Flat Blades
  • Front and rear
  • Includes specific RHD references


  • 100% Valeorigin quality - Valeo’s premium wiper blade
  • Incorporates all of the technology available at OE including spoilers, curved blades and blades equipped with a spray bar.
  • Large range of OE Flat Blades specifically designed for each vehicle
  • A range of Flat Blades to replace conventional wipers
  • Auto-clic system – a pre-mounted adaptor for fast and simple fitting for conventional blades
  • A wear indicator – a vital diagnostic tool improving motoring comfort by allowing the driver to assess the wear of their wipers
  • An exclusive rubber coating that protects the rubber and provides efficient and quieter wiping for longer


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