Klarius offers exhaust systems, catalytic converters, Lambda sensors, diesel particulate filters and shock absorbers for all types of applications: light vehicles, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles and industrial equipment.


Klarius is a global force in the Independent Aftermarket (IAM), Original Equipment (OE) and Original Equipment Spares (OES) businesses. All exhausts manufactured by Klarius are fully EU type-approved.


Driven by the principle of excellence focused on providing quality technical solutions, each Klarius manufacturing plant operates a flexible production system to adapt its production cells to meet demand.


Products manufactured in the Klarius plants are distributed all over Europe thanks to an extensive logistics network combining European platforms with national and regional warehousing.




Klarius Exhausts from Exhaust CentreExhaust Systems


The exhaust ranges offered by Klarius are known for their performance and reliability. The range includes over 5,500 references and covers 97% of the European car parc. All of the manufacturing facilities employed in the production of Klarius exhaust systems are ISO 9001 certified. This level of quality in manufacture translates into a 2-year warranty on all type-approved exhaust systems supplied by Klarius.



Catalytic Converters from Exhaust CentreCatalytic Converters


Klarius has developed, manufactured and marketed catalytic converters since 1993. Fitting a Klarius Timax EU type-approved catalytic converter not only ensures compliance with the new legislation, but also provides reassurance that the product is OBD (on-board diagnostic) compatible, with emission characteristics closely matching those of the original equipment. This avoids any risk of the OBD triggering a malfunction indicator light on the vehicle dash; a common occurrence with non-approved type catalytic converters containing little or none of the precious metals required for the conversion of harmful emissions. All Klarius type-approved catalytic converters are supported by a two-year warranty.



DPF from Exhuast CentreDiesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


Klarius also provides an environmental anti-pollution solution for diesel engines with its diesel particulate filter (DPF). Designed for use on cars and light commercials, the DPF can immediately improve the quality of the exhaust gases from these vehicles; reducing by more than 90% harmful unburnt hydrocarbon particles (HC) and carbon oxide (CO) emissions. Moreover, when supplemented by bio fuels, the DPF technology not only reduces pollutants but it also reduces, the generation of greenhouse effect gases. DPFs are featured in the new Klarius catalogue.


When enhanced by the use of a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process, a technology employed by Klarius DPFs to reduce Nox emissions, the DPF technology is capable of reducing the regulated diesel emissions (CO2, HC, MP and Nox) to levels lower than those recommended by the Euro V standard.



Oxygen Sensor from Exhaust CentreLambda Sensors


The Klarius range of Lambda sensors uses the latest design and manufacturing processes to provide accurate emissions regulation for most production cars. The sensors are fully interchangeable with original equipment.


With 568 different products available Klarius Lambda sensors are suitable for most of today’s production cars. The sensors offer notable advantages over other leading replacement brands in design and fitment, in fact Klarius is confident that all of its sensors will match or beat the performance of a cars OE sensor.


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