Klarius Exhaust paste available from Exhaust CentreExhaust Paste


Exhaust Centre stocks Klarius Exhaust paste and putty.


Our exhuast Jointing Paste is specially formulated for the assembly of all exhaust systems as well as flues and boiler pipes.


  • Lubricates joints for fastest, simplest assembly
  • Self sealing to stop dangerous fumes
  • Hardens with heat and withstands temperatures of up to 1,000ºC


Our Exhaust Jointing and Repair Putty is asbestos free and provides a gas tight seal to all joints.



  • Apply jointing around sockets, pipes and clamps
  • Fit together and tighten up
  • The heat of the exhaust will harden the jointing putty and give a permanent gas-tight seal



  • Clean off dirt and loose rust from around the hole
  • Run engine to warm the silencer
  • Moisten around the hole and apply putty with a knife or thumb (gloved), forcing it well in. If necessary soften the putty by adding a little water.
  • Smooth down repair with wet hand.
  • Leave overnight to harden or run the engine slowly to speed up drying time. Don't race the engine until the repair is fully hardened. For large holes bind repairs with wire ties at 1/4" intervals.